Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Crow's nest in Vancouver

A spring time Crow’s nest
I have blogged for several years about the Yellow Crowned Night Heron rookery above the Jones Falls River near Johns Hopkins University. I was a little disheartened to leave that project but I found a new one at least for this season.

While making a purchase at a local store I spotted a Crow with a beak full of twigs land near the top of a tree. That bird was building or fortifying a nest. Another Crow was on a limb nearby acting as if it were supervising this activity.

I was intent on following the progress routinely. However over the next few weeks I saw nothing. The parking lot where the tree is located is filled with Crows but I did not see any such bird attending to the nest and concluded that it had been abandoned.

Since I am in the area regularly I continued to eyeball the nest in order to see if activity would recur. On May 26 there was a Crow feeding something hidden deep in the nest. When I returned from a trip and on June 8th, the hatchlings were large enough to see.

They look to be big enough to fledge so I’ll check them out with more regularity to chart the progress.

It is good to have a replacement for the Yellow Crowned mentioned above. It keeps the mind and the hands busy and less prone to looking for less worthwhile activities.

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