Saturday, September 26, 2015

Brown Boobys make the news, but...

South American brown boobies have roosted in Baltimore's inner harbor for the last several days. It has made all the local news outlets and a few national ones as well. I took the water taxi out to see them and was the only one on the boat. From Fells Point to Canton and back I was the sole rider and it felt like being in a limousine. The pilot stopped at the site where the birds were in order to allow me to take as many pictures as I wanted.

They roosted on a line that extending between two large gray ships. The sky was nearly the same color and they were back lit so the photograph is not great but it does show them to be brown boobies. It was a fun experience and I'm unlikely to ever see any others.

However, there is a flip side to this seemingly pleasant story.

These are Spanish or Portuguese speaking birds and there is no reason to think they have papers allowing them into this country. Sure they are roosting in the crowded spaces taken up only by gulls and cormorants but they are eating American that could better serve those speaking English.

To date the Republican candidates of which are legion, have not commented and it may because they have not been informed by their strategists of what to say. They don't yet know how to react because the pollsters have not told them. Soon I expect when they stumble out of the VW Bug with their oversized shoes and red bubble noses they will have plenty to say.

Who could the boobies possibly appeal to? Maybe Jeb Bush since he speaks Spanish. The boobies perhaps are only looking for free stuff though so Bush won't be much help to them. Maybe Marco Rubio can work out a deal whereby if they play their cards right, in 11 years they will be able to stay.

Mike Huckabee won't be much help since he will be wondering if as papists they recognize the climate change and really are not Christian and maybe they even are Santerians which would be sort of like witches in which case they should be burned at the stake just in case.

Donald Trump would be simultaneously outraged and vaguely condescending. On one hand he would become shrill and angry and then say that he likes boobies. They look right to him. However they are not American. There should be walls built by Central America, across the Caribbean.

It is too bad Scott Walker fell off the bus because he could have made a strong statement about the birds and those hearing it would not have any idea as to what he had just said.

Anyway, the boobies will probably be better off just going back where they came from just as our ancestors did not do. At least I had the opportunity to see them and to photograph them. Who cares about anyone else?

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